Saturday, April 11, 2015

Winery Visit!

I have never been to a winery...I'm 28 and just never had the time. First of all I had my daughter before I was 21...and I never would have illegally drank as a I had my daughter turned 21 and then my husband deployed for the military. So just me and an infant were left at home. From then on it was play dates, and Ellen keeping me busy. Now that the hubby is on shore duty I can do romantic and "adult" things like go to wine tastings and have B&B trips. Feels nice! The winery we went to is called Williamsburg Winery. Its quaint and quiet. Two of my favorite things!

The grounds were beautiful and bright! There were also two restaurants and a hotel right next door!

Before the tasting we explored a bit and joked around. I am lucky enough to be married to a man who is my best friend, no matter how cliche that might sound, its true!

After looking around we headed into the winery and they showed us all the barrels and bottling machines that are used for their wine making.

The wine was delicious! They gave big portions and left both of us buzzed afterward. We ended up buying about 3 or 4 bottles as we left. I am planning to take a trip back there with my girl friends for a Mother's Day get away because I enjoyed it so much!

We had to wait a bit before we could leave, due to over consumption, so we walked over to the hotel and got some info for a future visit. While we were there the desk clerk told us to feel free to look around. "Really?!" I asked shocked by the warm welcome. Apparently it was an off day and not many guests were in at the time so we were able to walk around and check out everything. A great thing to be able to do before deciding on reserving a room. It was beautifully decorated and extremely cozy. A kind of place I adore!

We will definitely be back again! Me sooner than the hubby!

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