Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Exploring Virginia:Trip to Shenandoah

Recently we decided to drive out to Shenandoah for a few days during Easter.It would be my daughter's first experience camping outdoors all night. We got a site at a KOA in Luray that had hook ups and a restroom near by. We were not quite ready to "rough it" just yet. Little did we know that our tent site would sit right behind a farm that housed sheep and a llama...and their big dung pile.

Did this deter us? No, we accepted this outdoorsy treat. What's a little dung between neighbors? We tried to ignore that and enjoy the mountain air and peaceful ambiance. We cooked outside on our portable stove and then roasted marshmallows for smores, making the fire was a real pain due to damp kindling.


Being Easter we had the joy of being alone at our camp site...that is until 10 o'clock when a nice big truck shined their lights on us and started unpacking. It was ok after awhile and we tried to get some rest, but then the temp dropped. When I say dropped I mean like 20 degrees or more, rapidly. Anything outside the sleeping bag was cold. When I ran my hand along the tent walls they felt dewy and wet. That being said, while my hubby and daughter managed to catch a wink or two, I was struggling a lot! I even woke up at one point sure it was sunrise and was astonished to find that it was only 1 am. Why so bright I thought? I looked out the tent door to see the full moon blazing down on us, not a cloud to be found in the sky. I am surely...a city girl. The next day we got all packed up and headed deeper into the wilderness for some hiking. The trail was ups and downs with rocks strewn across the path. One rock took my daughter down.

She eventually was up to going again but later that evening we discovered that she had sprained her ankle. I felt so guilty, but looking through the pictures I am happy to have given her a unique and memorable experience.


We dipped our feet into the water at one point, a growing tradition at each new place we visit, and giggled at the chill. The sun had finally come out and warmed us up for our final climb back up.

Before we left to head home we helped her up a short but complicated trail to an amazing view of the mountains and valley below. It was very worth the trouble.

She even grabbed a few rocks to take home, one of the many interests she has. It was a great trip and even though she is still recovering I think it will stay with her as a pleasant memory rather than a negative one.At least I hope so!

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