Friday, May 1, 2015

Target Beauty Box

Every so often target will release a beauty box for $5 dollars. If you are lucky you can snatch it up quick because it doesn't last. Its only for a limited time and it tends to go fast. Once its sold out its gone. The Spring box is now sold out and had a $38 dollar value. Here's what I got!

Very classy boxing, it was wrapped really well with care and thought.

Well Hello to you too ;) How sweet!

This color is great for me. I tend to use more natural or light colored lip glosses and lipstick. So this will get good use.

Apparently Seri approves too!

I have never tried this shampoo before and it looks promising. Here's hoping!

Hair spray is just one of those things you always need, right? So its nice to have it included.

I am excited about this one! Every lady out there knows what its like to go out during the day in the heat and have your make up melt away. It isn't I REALLY hope this works!

Okay, never used before but always willing to try new things! It cant hurt!

This is one heck of a deal and I am so happy I jumped on it fast! I will make sure to use my Twitter and Blog wisely to put out the news when it happens again!

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