Friday, April 17, 2015

Stages of Rejection

 Whether you feel rejected by a loved one, friend, job, or hell even the world via the internet we all go through stages of dealing with it. The blow and backlash of this feeling has happened to every single person. Lets explore each stage that I have experienced shall we?
Confusion: " don't like me? Did I do something?" This stage can cause whiplash.
Shock: "Huh.This is happening right now? I can not understand...airplane...newspaper...tree..."
Bravado: "Oh well I don't care. This doesn't affect me in the least. Let them be that way I seriously don't care...don't care...don't care...yep don't care...whatever...don'"
Sadness: "Is something wrong with me? Must be my laugh right? I hate my laugh...everyone hates me." This stage ends with self deprecating thoughts and tears.
Anger: "I hate them. They are the worst people in the world! They can get hit by a bus for all I care, I won't miss em. They think they can do whatever they want huh? Well guess what your breath could be used as a chemical weapon, and you always have something hanging from your nose. It wiggles in the breeze!"
Coping: This stage tends to end in a drunken pile on the floor of a bathroom...preferably your own. More tears...more self loathing...and then an eerie silence as you self reflect.
Self-Boosting: "Just because that person doesn't like me doesn't mean everyone feels the same! I am an amazing person. I have a good heart, intelligent mind, and a beautiful smile." This stage ends with a positive outlook and plans to improve.
Acceptance...kind of...: This stage is a difficult one because do we ever really accept rejection? We try to deal with it but that rejection hangs around. It attaches itself to us like a parasite and we push it aside mentally time and again. No matter who, why, or when, rejection leaves a mark. What is important is learning and moving on no matter how big an effect it has had.
This post reflects my own personal experiences so please don't think I am stating that everyone reacts the same. Although I am sure some will find a lot of similarities. ;)

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