Sunday, April 12, 2015

Setting up a Lemonade Stand with your Little One!

My husband and I decided to let Serenity build a lemonade stand last summer. It was far more profitable than we expected it to be. Let me start from the beginning. The first thing we did was go to Home Depot to get some wood and nails. Then we came home and cut and nailed together the base of the stand. Her favorite parts were hammering and painting. I have learned that this kid likes to be involved. She tries hard and is so open to new experiences. She makes me nervous too....because she can get over eager!

"I can do it Mommy," she says to me."Let me do it by myself!" "Ok Ok....," I respond.

The next day she sets up shop and waits for the customers to roll in. Curbside service for the neighbors!

We had every little boy in the neighborhood at our house...."Ughhh too soon," I say "What will it be like when she's a teenager!"

The sad part? We had a yard sale at the same time and this kid almost made more than we did! She received over 30 dollars selling lemonade and cookies! What!! I guess its due to her sweet smile and outgoing personality! Who could say no to that face huh?! They even gave her tips!

This was a great summer activity and she was able to take part in it all! We also now have a reusable lemonade stand to boot!

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