Friday, April 3, 2015

Photo Craziness as a Family

I love chalkboards lately. More than that I love chalkboard creativity! We had a huge amount of snow on the east coast this winter and the kids were out of school for a long time! Stir crazy and at my wits end I had to come up with some indoor entertainment for this hyper seven year old. So... chalkboard...and photo props...turned into design a monster day! She loved it! Honestly I think her designs were better than mine by far! When daddy got home from work he joined in too and we had to document it all. Here are our masterpieces!

That's how you keep a kid from driving you crazy on a snow day ;) Sometimes you have get on their level and be goofy. You don't always have to be an adult...let your inner child out and enjoy this time while you have it!

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