Friday, April 24, 2015

My Favs K-POP Edition

I like a lot of different types of music. I also like other country's music. Today I thought it would be neat to make a list of my top 10 favorite KPOP music videos. KPOP is slowly growing here in America but for the most part its not really known much. I discovered it during a time where I was becoming more interested in Asian culture, in particular Japan. When I saw my first KPOP video I thought what most Americans think....What the hell am I watching? Then I watched it again and thought to myself...this isn't too bad actually. That's how I got hooked. I still listen to songs and music from the U.S but I also listen to songs from the UK and from Japan. I try to stay open minded because then I get to experience some awesome things in life. Ok here we go! In no particular order!

Starting the list off with a BANG! YG artist: 1) Big Bang's Fantastic Baby

Another YG artist: 2) 2NE1's I Am the Best

A new group from YG: 3) Winner's Empty

Now from SM: 4) Super Junior's Sorry Sorry

SM artist: 5) Girl's Generation's Gee

SM artist: 6) EXO's Growl

Moving on to JYP artist: 7) 2PM's I'll Be Back

JYP artist: 8) Miss A's Bad Girl Good Girl

Cube artist: 9) B2ST's Fiction

There are soooo many more great groups and mv's I wish I could share but not today I suppose! My last choice for fav KPOP groups goes to a group I simply adore! Watching their live performance online is even better than watching their music videos.   

FNC artist: 10) F.T. Island's Severely.

That is it. If its not your thing that is absolutely fine. Everyone in this world is different and that is what makes it interesting. Thanks if you at least gave it a look and listen!

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