Thursday, April 9, 2015

My Daughter's CandiGirl Box Review

My daughter and niece have been a little down lately. My daughter hurt her ankle and has been stressed a bit at school because of Gifted testing. She also has been missing her best friend who moved away last summer. My niece is moving soon and dealing with a lot of changes lately also. I decided to get them both CandyGirl Subscriptions to cheer them up. This review will just be on my daughter's 7 yr old box. The great thing about CandyGirl is that they personalize the boxes to your child's age and interests. Here is Serenity's March box:

It was nicely boxed and she was eager to open it up!

First thing she pulled out were these Crayola pixie stix. She then had to try em out!

Happy kid!

Next came these My Little Pony stickers. Big winner for her, she loves MLP! Twilight Sparkle all the way!

She loves BFF related items! Her best friend moved away, as I mentioned, so time to ship off one of these to her! Also gonna send one to her cousin who she is very close with!

Hello Kitty jewelry maker. Every little girl's dream gift right?

I personally love this addition! We love to read here and I relate greatly with the subject. I am 6'1 and was a VERY tall kid. This story could be mine! ;)

Cupcaked anything....and she goes nuts with glee! I wanna steal it honestly but will constrain myself!

Lastly she got these cute push up crayon pens with happy faces. Rainbow love!

I was extremely happy with this purchase! It was about $27.00 bucks with S&H. I encountered a bit of a problem in the beginning but emailed with them and got everything sorted out. They gave me great customer service and made up for any inconvenience. A great company for sure...and no they aren't paying me to say so hahaha. Here's their site if your interested. The boxes come quarterly.CandiGirlBox

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