Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Mommy the book worm. Mommy the linguiphile.

I love reading so much, besides hosting play dates and being a quirky mom, it is what I find myself absorbed in most frequently. My affection for reading began in elementary school. Obviously that is when you begin learning but not every student develops a love for it. I knew I was not quite the same type of reader as my classmates when I saw that they were enjoying Goosebumps and Animorphs and I was hitting up the poetry and Shakespeare shelves. I will not be so vain as to claim that I understood half of what I read of Romeo and Juliet or Hamlet at the age of 10, but I surely loved the language. It was probably for the best that I couldn't really grasp the depth of Ophelia's "swim time" or Romeo and Juliet's "nap". I simply adored the flow of the words and the care taken in each sentence. As I developed more as a reader I delved into writing. Poetry was something I needed in my life. It was used as an emotional outlet for years until I threw myself into the world of novels...and thus insomnia

If asked what type of books I like I would say almost all. The only genre that has yet to pull me in are Romance novels.There is something about those cheesy, wind blown, bare chested covers that just makes me tilt my head and sigh.What I need from any book is depth. I love deep, thought out, and real characters. I want to feel for them. Whether that feeling is hate, love, fear, or jealousy doesn't matter. As long as a character can provoke an emotional reaction from me the book is as good as read. I snap my fingers and say goodbye to another hardback, yearning for a new world to enter. The hobby and "habit" of reading was a wonderful past time and enjoyment occupying a lot of my time until my daughter was born. After my beautiful, bright faced, red head came into this world I stopped jumping into others. At least I stopped...for a little while.

Loving any past time will always come second to loving your child, obviously, but it is possible to be a good parent and enjoy a happy habit of book reading. My way of balancing these things is simple. At least its sometimes simple. I won't deny an occasional obsessive reading session a time or two. Red Rising and The Bronze Horseman had me enthralled so completely that I could not pull myself away until I finished them. The latter had me up until 4 am. Besides the occasional obsession-read, scheduling your reading time around your parenting is very possible.

When my daughter was an infant I would read while she slept or played. I would read at night also, which is always the best time. Now my daughter is steadily getting older. First came pre-school and now elementary school. During her school hours I have ample time available to me as a SAHM to indulge. I am lucky to have the opportunity to be a SAHM but for those who are not my advice to you is to still find time to read no matter what. If I did work I would try to spend some of my nights at home dedicated to my hobby. It helps a lot if you are a quick reader. This can take time to develop in a person. On average I can get through a 300-400 pg. book in a day whilst setting it down here or there. Larger books or books I am not as interested in can be finished within a week's time. From all I have written it would appear that I read an enormous amount of books on a daily basis but this would be a false assumption. I have many periods of non-reading . I call these periods literary hibernation. It usually happens after I have quickly finished an amazing book and I am unable to find the right subject for my next one.

The best part of being an avid reader is that you get to learn and be entertained at the same time. You build your vocabulary and comprehension while simultaneously exploring another imagined universe. Books are gifts, and great stress relievers. My advice to other moms is to keep exploring new material, share your passion with your children, and keep reading.

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