Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Exploring Virginia: Heading to Natural Bridge!

Let me take you back to 2012, July 4th weekend! We set out for Natural bridge to hike and complete a few things on my bucket list. The three things we tried to cross off were: standing under a waterfall, hand feeding a giraffe, and taking a hot air balloon ride. Near natural bridge a balloon festival was taking place and we had hopes of getting the chance to do it.Things went wrong right from the start!

There had been a big storm the week before we went and our hotel was closed.We walked into a pitch black lobby and a wafting musty smell, possibly water damage.This left us seeking a new room. Like I said before there was a balloon festival near by...and July 4th weekend...finding a room was near impossible. The one we ended up in was not the best by far. It was the only....There were no other rooms available anywhere! Here is what my stress looked like!

We made the best of it though. Laughed it off and tried to enjoy the rest of our trip.
First activity? Hiking.

The face of a tired Seri....

This is the actual "Natural Bridge" and what the town is named for!

Next troubling thing to happen on our journey was that by the time we got to the giraffes to try our hand at feeding them they were too full and refused to even come over :( I tried....oh how I tried, but wasn't gonna happen.

Continuing on to the festival, we were extremely excited! But....no balloons for us. The line for it was enormous as well as the price.

We accepted that it wasn't meant to be either and enjoyed the other things the event had to offer. Great food, bounce houses, and fireworks!

We also drove through a Safari park on our way, it was awesome! Wonderful photo opportunity!

Oh and I did get to do one of the things on my list!

Standing under a flowing waterfall!

The hubby got a cooler shot than me :P

After swimming a bit and cooling down from the hot July heat we set off for home. It was a great family vacay no matter the set backs :)


  1. Great photos!! It looks and sounds amazing!

  2. Are those pics real with the animal coming right in the car!! Unreal!! Thanks for linking with #famjamlinky and hope to see you next Wednesday :)