Thursday, April 9, 2015

Arcade Block Box Review

I got my hubby the Arcade Block Grab Box recently and here's what he received in it! Straight to the goods!

First off I am loving the look of this box. Very old school chic.

Oh man its gonna be geeky greatness!

I badly want to steal this but I know I should let him keep it. Such a cool Mario inspired tee.

Next comes the plushies! We have a little Link from Legend of Zelda and a pretty pink Kirby. Had to educate our daughter on who Kirby is. She insists that Kirby is a girl! ;) 

She also has stolen it!

A little D&D figure by Kre-o. Cute and a cool addition to his figure collection.

Ever heard of Scribblenauts? This is one of many figures they have in their mystery boxes.

The last thing he got was a pin set of 4 different old school arcade game pics. Example being Earthworm Jim. Overall I think it was a great box for a game lover. He was very happy with it all! :) Here's the site to order one if you are interested! NerdBlock When ordering you have to choose the Arcade Block box. Be aware that they ship from Canada and can take a bit to get to you after shipping

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