Tuesday, April 28, 2015

April Loot Crate Review

This month's Loot Crate was centered around the theme of Fantasy. The box was filled with goodies for the whole family. Loot Crate is a monthly box subscription. For 19.99/month you get a geek-inspired curated box. There's something for everyone with this subscription! Here's what we got!

King for the day. Then Seri got her hands on it!

I love bow ties but the hubby doesn't where them much. Seri seems to think she can steal everything :/

Proof of her thieving ways. She looks cute though!

We like Harry Potter but we wouldn't call ourselves Potter Heads so this might have to be sent along to one of our friends or family members who are!

Yes Game of Thrones! we watch every week and have watched from the beginning of the show! I am a tad ashamed to say I haven't read the books...now it seems to far gone!

"As you wish", yes! Another favorite in the family. Endless recitations of obvious quotes take place here.

How cool! I love this and it will most definitely be used in this house! USB's are always a win!

So there we have it. Another great box with wonderful little trinkets and fantastic fantasy items to make our day special! If you want to sign up and get a box yourself here's the link. Loot Crate

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