Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Visit to Frankfort, Ky

Back in 2012 we had a death in the family and visited Frankfort, Ky to attend the funeral. My husband has a bit of family there and we all decided to look around town and show Serenity the sights while we were there. Here's a bit of what we did and saw. Frankfort is the capital of Kentucky so there was a lot of beautiful places and architecture to view. It is normal in most capital cities in the U.S. for there to be unique structures or statues on site at the capital buildings.We were able to get a few good shots.

From a distance the building stands among the trees in a beautiful landscape picture.

 I was in awe of was this large clock garden structure standing in front of the capitol building. It was truly unique.

We also visited some long standing structures like this bridge. It stood over a flowing stream that we decided to explore more.

My husband even spotted a snake under one of the many rocks along the stream and happily left it alone so that I wouldn't have a panic attack.

Serenity held a frog for the first time....and I "think" was happy about it. She had a mix of nervousness and intrigue.

There was a lot of natural beauty that I wanted to capture. My eyes darted here and there at every turn. Kentucky is a beautiful state and a great place to visit.

The city was very well maintained. The roads were smooth and there were these beautiful rock barriers on either side that I had to capture.

Before we left we wanted to explore the trails that were offered and I am glad that we did because we got the chance to see this. It's yet another amazing photo and sight that I was lucky to see and capture.

Finally let me introduce you to a Kentucky castle...yep someone decided that they wanted to live in  castle so heck why not? It was very cool to see and Serenity being the little princess that she is was ecstatic.

After spending a sad and unforgettable few days with my husband's family we hit the road for the trip home. On the way back I thought a lot about the things that matter in life. It takes moments and situations like this one to really open your eyes to the importance of the people around you. Family isn't just blood and birth, its love and respect. Family is being there and supporting one another through any and all hardships. You can not call yourself a family unless you are capable of that. I try to remember that and I try to live up to the title of Mommy. 

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