Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Little Vlog of our Saturday

Took a little bike ride to our local Farmer's Market today and they had rides set up and vendors out. It was breezy and beautiful and I had to share! Here's a couple video's of our Saturday. The first is of us biking...I felt like I was alone the whole time because I was either in front the whole time or tailing behind :( Next is the Ferris wheel(which I call the merry go round haha) Once again I am alone due to Seri picking to sit with daddy instead. Fair enough, I enjoyed it none the less even if I sound snarky about it.My phone didn't make the best quality vids though sorry! My mom gave me this cell last year and then she passed away last June so I can't help but want to hold onto it even if it gives me trouble time to time. 

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