Saturday, August 16, 2014

What Serenity the 6 yr old is watching...

My daughter is as varied in what she watches as I am. Every day she has a different preference, but I will stick to a list of her most recently viewed shows. Here we go:

Winx Club: My feelings on this show are mixed...I really hate what these characters wear...when you watch the preview you shall see. Seri loves this show though...fairy anything is big with her.

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: Oh man, I can really get behind this show. Its fun for grown ups and kids and never anything to risque in it! Seri's favorite is Princess Twilight Sparkle.

Little Princess: Mixed feelings on this one but Seri is enamored with it, completely! I find it kinda odd myself. You can see what I mean I am sure...

Jumanji Animated series: With Robin Williams' passing this one hurts my heart. Seri watched Jumanji the live action movie with us and loved it when she saw a cartoon for it she immediately began watching all of the episodes.

Also she hasn't watched any episodes recently but Seri also really likes Power Rangers. I encouraged it in the beginning because I watched the original religiously as a child...but then she began watching the newer versions...oh my hurts.

What do your kids watch? See ya!


  1. Tristen has been watching rescue bots lately, it's transformers.

    1. yay now i have an idea of what toy to get him ;)