Friday, August 15, 2014

What I am watching...

So first you must hear me out because I do not watch much American TV. I have my reasons...mostly....I just have very few shows still on air that interest me. I also do not have cable any longer the cost was more than the use for my family. With YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix making TV watching so different and cost effective its hard not to cut cable all together. I really enjoy Korean television, "Dramas" are what they go by. They just get to me...cant explain it....just love em. So my current watch list is very much aimed more towards Korean TV....but I will have a few different things as well. Here we go:

Via DramaFever I watch these shows weekly:

Running Man: Its desciption from DramaFever is as follows "Prepare for zany quests, hilarious antics, and insane betrayals. See your favorite stars battle it out and and show their true colors as they fight their way to the finish line. Every week, Running Man tests the strength, endurance, and cunning of Korea’s top entertainers through various missions and races." It is a Reality/Variety show that is hilarious!

It's Okay, That's Love: Again via DramaFever "Jang Jae Yeol (Jo In Sung) divides his time between being a mystery writer and a radio DJ, but his every waking moment is consumed by his obsessive compulsive disorder. In search of treatment, he's placed in the care of Ji Hye Soo (Gong Hyo Jin), who specializes in psychiatry because of her inability to perform surgeries. Through intimate sessions, they come to realize just how much healing they both need — and that they are more than doctor and patient."

2 days 1 Night: Via DramaFever "Each week, returning hosts Kim Jong Min and Cha Tae Hyun, along with new members Kim Joo Hyuk, Kim Jun Ho, Defconn and Jung Joon Young, battle it out amongst themselves to earn the superior food and lodging through various challenges at some of South Korea's most beautiful and interesting locations! This is another Reality/Variety show, and is also hilarious! A lot of inside jokes and cultural references.

Now moving on from my Korean shows to other genres.

True Blood: Most know the premise to this southern vampire show. I am on the last season and detesting it greatly...but I must know how it all ends.

Sword Art Online: This is an Anime from Japan. Once Attack on Titan ended I had to find something new to watch and I turned to this one. Not through with it yet but its not bad. I really like the concept and very interested to see how it plays out in the end. This trailer for it is in English but I prefer watching the Japanese language English subtitled version personally.

That is pretty much all I am watching these days along with youtube channels like: EatYourKimchiFine BrothersWatch Mojo, and of course PewDiePie.

What are you watching? See ya!


  1. walking dead, new girl, once upon a time, orange is the new black (your influence)

    1. hahah i fell out of interest with walking dead and once upon a time. :(