Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Mommy beware!!!

I don't know about other cities but in my city there are always fun and cool events posted online daily. Events done by the city or local shops get posted so often that you never have time to be bored. Only problem is that because they are posted online a lot of moms just like me see them, and decide to take their kids. What ends up happening then? This:

Every nook and cranny of Barnes and Noble gets filled with parents and children. Partly it is Barnes and Noble's fault. You cant have an event themed around Frozen and not expect every little girl to want to go.

Sadly some were left a tad disappointed, the event was listed as having Olaf present and that ended up being just a cardboard cutout...parents thought there would be a dressed up character for the kiddies. My daughter was happy none the less though!

She even got to decorate a cupcake, happy kid right here!

Beware Moms....be prepared for chaos at certain events and try to have a positive outlook! Have fun, so your children can too! See ya!

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