Friday, July 25, 2014

Slippery Fun for our Little One

When its warm enough I try to get my daughter outside. She is most definitely (what I refer to this generation's children as) a "Techie Baby". She is not used to being kicked outside in the summer to fend for herself in playtime. I think its necessary to do that for your kids. Give them freedom but also monitor that freedom for safety sake. The other day I decided to set up the slip and slide, don a swimsuit with her, and play a bit! We also got out some Aluminum Foil and I taught her to make a boat to sail. Having time with her and having time where she is independent are equally important in my opinion.

She pulls the funniest faces some times.


She is a pretty girl I must say, full of energy.

Apparently we must be kitties in this one, so says the princess.

Sliding around in the water is a great summer cool down.

Her boat, she is new to constructing it so she made it too crumpled and heavy, hehe.

She kept trying to steal my boat...

In the end she gets them both, and I tried to fix hers up a bit. A sailing we shall go!

Until our next adventure, See ya!


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  1. It's so hard with technology today. I agree we need to get the kids outside! Happy to hear about your adventures to give me ideas for my own kiddos! Thanks for linking again #famjamlinky