Monday, July 7, 2014

~Pirate Party Planning~

In 2012 I went party crazy! Along with a Fairy Party we had a Pirate party. With this event I also went all out on food, decorations, and activities. It was so much fun! The kids had a blast and so did the grown ups!

  • Decorations- I pinned a net to the wall and added a few pirate essentials, it made for a great background for picture taking! I also made a plank with shark fins circling.

  • Food- I carved a watermelon into a pirate ship and decorated it as such for this event. I also made powdered donuts into life rings, and cheese balls into cannon balls. Using Ginger Ale I made a punch bowl full of "Ale" for our little pirates. Guests were asked to bring pirate themed foods, as well.

  • Activities- I face painted the kids with eye patches, scars, and mustaches. Lemme tell you nothing is cuter then painting mustaches on little girls! They had a little sticker craft to do that I purchased from Oriental Trader, and we also had a small treasure hunt. I used her kiddie pool for this. I filled it up with sand and hid a few trinkets. Lastly we read The Pirate Cruncher to the kiddies.

Overall it was a tad pricey but worth it. These memories are priceless.I do think these type of play dates border on Birthday Party type events though. For me the fact that my husband was on deployments gave us excess money and time to do things like this. I don't regret one bit and in the end my daughter's happiness and enjoyment comes first for me.

Well if you liked this idea I hope you plan a play date like ours and enjoy yourselves. If you do end up hosting one comment below and tell me all about it :)

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