Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Making Memories: Hubby's Birthday Edition

I value memories very much. I think doing special activities or events to create a beautiful happy memory with the people you care about is important in life. Call me sentimental but life is short and life is hard. Why not make good things happen for yourself and not expect them to happen on their own. Birthdays are a day in the year that you can celebrate because you were brought into the world. You can enjoy the life you have been given and revel in the person you have become. I try to make my daughter, my husband, and mine special every single year. In this post I am gonna focus on my hubby's last birthday!

I thought long and hard on what to do to make it special. In the past I organized BBQ's and took him out for a movie but last year I wanted to do something big so I researched and came up with this:


This is the look of a woman who might die. Sadly I just kept thinking what if it breaks and we fall in the water and a shark eats me...I don't like sharks ok...

Obviously he was overjoyed. He becomes like a little kid, super excited and silly. I love when he gets like that. I love when he has child-like happiness. I felt least for making him happy not so much with being strapped to a giant parachute attached to a dang boat.

I mean my hands say "I'm so cute" while my eyes read "I am gonna die!!!" The brow speaks for itself.

In the end I was ok, I didn't get eaten by a shark so good day for me ;) I succeeded in making my husband's birthday special and that's what is most important. I love him and want him to know how grateful I am that he was born and that we found one another.

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  1. Ha ha, he looks like he's having a brilliant time. You, on the other hand, look less convinced. I mean it does look fun, but I'm not sure either to be honest, #wineandboobs