Saturday, July 19, 2014

Love With Food Box Review

We received our Love with Food box this week so gonna give it a quick review. I like Love With Food but will not be getting more boxes for a little while. I have to pick and choose which to get so that I am not overspending. I will get boxes again though because I really like that for each box sold they feed a hungry child. Here we go with the un-boxing:

As usual nicely boxed, but it was a hot day and it sat for a little while :/

First thing I noticed was that my crackers were crushed. That is disappointing and not sure why it happened but what can ya do.

Second thing I noticed was that the Marshmallow treat was melted...the sun had mushed it up.

 I have heard of these cookies before and knowing that they are really buttery tasting I went ahead and gave it to my best friend who enjoys that kind of thing :)

This is a hubby snack...

So this month Love with Food teamed up with 2 degrees bars and fed twice as many kids with their sales. Which is a wonderful thing indeed.

Have not eaten yet but have heard they are pretty similar to Cheetos which is a win in this house.

Yummmmmmmmmmmmm! Kid and Mom approved!

Also yum and kid and mom approved. Very rich, very good

That is it. Pretty good box all around!
If you would like to try out Love with Food here is a link: Love With Food

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