Monday, July 21, 2014

Loot Crate Bonanza Review!

I love Loot Crate A LOT! They are the perfect company to give the geek in you happiness! I finally got the much talked about Marvel team up Loot Crate box TODAY! It is marvelous....without further ado The Un-Boxing!

Oh excitement! Almost didn't want to take a picture so that I could open this with the hubby quicker!

Best initial look of a box EVER. Its awesomeness personified. My geek girl is coming out sorry...

Yep that is a mix between Loki and The Joker....on a T-shirt....too bad its my hubby's size...I want to steal it...

Deadpool Socks!!! These I did steal....I <3 Deadpool.

The crate also came with two art prints of The joker and Harley Quinn. Gonna have to frame these up!

More gamer/geek swag. Bowser Magnet, Darth Vader Key chain, Loot Crate Button, and a DvD documentary on villains. We also got a limited edition comic of Rocket Raccoon which was already known by the Loot Crate community.

So happy, great deal for $19.99 a month! Heres the link if you wanna sign up: Loot Crate

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