Saturday, July 26, 2014

Kids Movie Nights

I try to host a movie night for the kids every so often throughout the year. I find that this saves money on going out to a movie and gives moms a chance to sit and chat while the kids enjoy a show together. In the past we have done The Lorax, Rise of the Guardians, Tinkerbelle, and Madagascar 3. Every one a winner with our kids. For our most recent movie night I broke out some circus animal tattoos to add even more fun. So darken the lights, cook up some popcorn, and make a pallet on the floor for the kiddies and enjoy a little bit of social time with your mommy friends for an evening.

Kids engaged, Moms at rest....wonderful!

Even had a little dress up for the Tinkerbelle night!

Whats a good movie without popcorn?

She was as happy as can be!

If you like this idea please comment below and add your name to the email list (^_^) See ya!

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