Sunday, July 6, 2014

~Joining the Play Date scene in 2010~

I am a Navy wife and because of that my husband was not around a lot right after I had my daughter in 2008. For two years as she grew and developed I learned to be a single parent and it was difficult and extremely lonely. The friends I grew up with were all in college or working. As a young mom my peers had little in common with me. Eventually I took the plunge into the local play date scene. The site I used to find my first play date group with was It was extremely helpful. From that first play group I began branching off making friends, making friends with their friends, and so forth and so on. It helped me become acquainted with a whole new world.There were ups and downs as their always are with making new friends and interacting with different people from different backgrounds, but I ended up making very close relationships because of taking that first step.

My daughter, Serenity started going on park, zoo, museum, and house play dates. At this time I was still not comfortable hosting an event of my own but soon that apprehension would dissipate and themed play dates would become my favorite thing to plan.

 We went from being lonely and isolated to busy, and excited each day for something new to happen.

 We explored our city, and had fun every single day.

Serenity is an only child. We can't have any more and so I have always felt guilty. I was always worried about her being on her own, but once we started attending play dates my worries became less, because she was constantly playing and interacting with other children. She became a social butterfly, greeting everyone with a smile and a laugh.

The first play date I ever hosted in my home was chaotic and stressful! Little children yelling and making the biggest mess my house has ever seen! Even though it was crazy, loud, and messy I was happy to do it. Serenity was ecstatic. She had the most fun I had ever seen her have. It was worth it 100%. These were the days before I planned every detail out. So my first play date was a simple finger painting one. I spread newspapers out on the floor, had paper plates with paint, and had wipes on hand for easy clean up. Our friends became little Picasso's for the day!

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