Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ice Cream Party Play Date

Its summer time and extremely hot so having an ice cream party sounds amazing doesn't it? This is messy, yummy fun for the kiddies and mommies! I once again took a simple idea and went a tiny bit over board due to Pinterest...I am sure you have been there too!

Taking balloons and craft paper I created balloon ice cream cones to hang around the house. I also bought a few ice cream/summer related decorations to hang from the light and to set out on the table.

I asked each guest to bring a topping to share (such as hot fudge, strawberries, and sprinkles) and kept it simple with vanilla ice cream.

Each guest made their own ice cream concoction to enjoy. Oh and they did alright!

After filling the tiny tummies I sent them outside to play, armed with ice cream shaped bubbles.

Finally I once again pulled out my face paint kit and tatted the kids up with their favorite ice cream cones.

Messy Fun for all!

Well if you liked this idea I hope you plan a play date like ours and enjoy yourselves. If you do end up hosting one comment below and tell me all about it :)


  1. If only I could find mommies in my small town who want to have playdates!!! I swear that everyone is an introvert around here! I am so going to use this idea on toddler nation! Thanks for linking up with #momsterslink!

    1. Check out Meetup.com perhaps there's a play group you haven't heard of! That's how I got into it ;)