Wednesday, July 23, 2014

How to: Entertain a little girl in the summertime....

I have a very active little girl named Serenity. Her name does not fit her personality. She is active, happy, and full of life and energy. A motor mouth with a mischievous nature but a wonderful little girl none the less. Summer time can be tough, she likes to stay busy and its not always easy to keep up with her. I have a few tips to keep your little one busy while staying at home and spending less. I am always having crazy play dates so spending less when I can is important ;) Here are 10 tips to make summer fun and stay home doing it!

1) Have a tea party- Nothing satisfies a little princess more than a fancy afternoon tea with her Mommy.

2) Create a puppet/ shadow puppet show- Get crafty and creative.

3) Put your little one to work washing the car- She'll help out and cool off while doing so.

4) Have a photo shoot- Props make everything more fun

5) Go on a family bike ride- maybe do some Geo-caching in the neighborhood as well.

6) Pull out the pool- any time water is added she will love it!

7) Do some baking- if only she were old enough to do dishes too ;)

8)Have a camp out- smores, hot dogs, and spooky stories Yay!

9) Put on a performance- Whether she is acting out a play, singing, or dancing; performing for you/family/friends will excite any little girl!

10) Last but not least...Spa time-Pamper your princess with Mani Pedis.

We also like to do home made chocolate face masks with cucumbers for her eyes. Why not let her fix up your hair while your at it too.

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  1. Oh my goodness how I enjoyed this post! The picture of the chocolate masks was perfect! This list is better than the ones I find on pinterest. Great post!

    I have followed your blog. If you haven't yet, I invite you to come take a peek at my blog and possibly follow too :)

    Thanks again for linking up #themommylife with another wonderful post

    1. Thanks! I added you to my list of followed Bloggers through my Blogger home page :) Deff will check out your blog!

  2. Chocolate masks!!! That is the best haha! Baking is definitely a good one for us too. Except for the very very large mess :D. Thanks for linking on #famjamlinky and hope to see you back!

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