Monday, July 14, 2014

Hosting Stress

I tend to host a lot of play dates and Girl's nights at my house. I also host family get-togethers and dinners at times and all that hosting can get very very tiring. Preparing for guests and cleaning up after they leave can be quite hard. I enjoy it though. I love making the kids happy and getting them active or excited. My daughter has a more enriching day to day life because of me hosting as well. I do think after all this time of being in charge of so many events that perhaps I should cut back. It gets expensive and it gets stressful.

The most important thing in being an Organizer or leader of a group or club is knowing your limits. Budgeting and delegating some things to others. I haven't quite gotten the hang of that. Perhaps this next school year I can improve on getting that worked out. My biggest motivation in continuing events focused on our kids is my daughter and her happiness. As an only child her friend interaction is extremely important in my opinion. Hopefully the stress of hosting will decrease and I can be more at ease. I can hope right :)

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