Thursday, July 17, 2014

Green Kid Crafts

We got the promo kit for Green Kid Crafts and enjoyed making little soaps with our friends. We used orange zest and juice to make the scent nicer, as well, as vanilla. It was a wonderful craft that I would love to do with her again :)

She has seen me get a lot of boxes and has been on my case to get her one as well. Finally she got to open her own and was very excited to show it to her friends.

A block of glycerin came in the box and we melted it down, added glitter to it, and poured it into the mold.

It was very hot so parental supervision is a must!

This was a quick, easy, and fun craft that I really recommend.

Our finished product. Now I need to go out and find more supplies to make more soaps in the future!

If you are interested in doing this fun craft or signing on for their monthly subscription here is a link:

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