Sunday, July 13, 2014

~Fairy/Pirate Party-Combo Edition~

What do you do when last year you had an awesome Fairy party AND an awesome Pirate party, but don't have the funds to do both this year. Combine them of course! Using materials from the previous year I was able to lower my cost for this play date.I added a few new things and kept a few old ones. Here we go!

Luckily there was no rain this time...previous play dates had been rained out! So I was able to use the bounce house for fairy flying training. I also added streamers to the trees.

The kids Pirate booty was placed in a large bucket with sand. X marked the spot and they all got to pick a few trinkets to take home.

Keeping with the fairy food/ pirate food theme we had another watermelon ship, fairy cupcakes, and these awesome fairy food wands.

Can't have a Fairy party without wings! I had to join in!

Face paint time again! The girls all wanted Fairy eyes and the boys wanted eye patches and mustaches :)

Lastly we had another fun game of Freeze Dance with mushroom cutouts...Kinda like musical chairs but with these cute cut outs instead. Serenity finally got to win! She was pretty excited about it :)

Well if you liked this idea I hope you plan a play date like ours and enjoy yourselves. If you do end up hosting one comment below and tell me all about it :)

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