Thursday, July 24, 2014

Conscious Box Review

I usually am very happy with the selection of products I get in my boxes, this time I was extremely disappointed. Most of them are literally tiny tiny samples. The "Taster Classic" Conscious box is $9.95 a month and I really don't think you are getting your moneys worth with it. In my mind it just doesn't square off with my other subscriptions with as good a value at all. The pictures will speak for themselves on this one. here's the un-boxing.

The box really misled me, because its beautiful looking.

Then I opened it and was shock at the small offerings.

Sample of anti itch cream.

Only snack food in box and quite a small bag of chips it was.

I laughed out loud at this really gave me a small packet of this a joke?

These seem pretty good but the label made me giggle "Free samples Not for sale" Hilarious.

small sample of Choco Slim for weight management.... how can you really see results from one small packet?

Lastly a packet of performance protein mix, not the tastiest thing ever.

All of this cost $10 dollars in their minds. Not for me.

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