Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Circus Play Date!!

Calling all guests to the center ring! Prepare to see a dazzling, spectacular, elaborate show! Circus season for us is in April and that means a circus play date. This sort of event is good any time of year though! Until this year I had never been to the circus and so I have always had a special place in my heart for it. When you never experience it you get more excited for it! So let me take you through what we did for this play date

Once again I went a tad overboard...We read the Circus Ship, had circus tattoos, and gave out little activity books. Our red, white, and yellow color theme seemed to work well.

For snacks we had a mix of things. I made sure popcorn, circus peanuts, cotton candy, and animal crackers were on the menu. We pigged out quite a bit!

For decorations I added white and red streamers around the house.

We couldn't help ourselves and handed out adhesive backed mustaches to the kids for some of the funniest and cutest pictures to date.

After playing around for a bit I put on Madagascar 3 and sat the kids down for some calmer moments.

Its moments like these that I will always remember and cherish. Enjoy life while you can, indulge at times, and spend time with your children because soon they will be grown. Soon she will be too old to play around like this. Life is all about these moments.<3

Well if you liked this idea I hope you plan a play date like ours and enjoy yourselves. If you do end up hosting one comment below and tell me all about it :)


  1. If she grows up to be like you then there are no worries.. she won't out grow the silliness judging by how you turned out right?

  2. What a great party for her to remember! Mustaches are crazy funny at any event and I love the picture of the two of you! She looks so much like you! Thanks again for sharing with #momsterslink :)