Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Being true to yourself

When I gave birth to my daughter over 6 years ago I began thinking about myself very differently. I started to believe that I HAD to behave, dress, and talk like a stereotypical "Mom". Which I wasn't. No one really is a mom like June Cleaver. We are not Stepford wives. I started to tone down my personalty and tried to blend in to the crowd of mothers that were as misled as I was.It wasn't until I met more open parents, they were more true to themselves and unafraid of doing so, that I began to allow my true personality to seep out again.They had their own unique style and flair. It was how I felt inside. For a long time I thought being larger than life and coloring my hair and dressing in ripped jeans and certain other clothes would make me a worse mother. I felt like I had a standard I had to live up to.I now know how silly that was. Whats most important in being a parent is being true to yourself and showing your child through your own actions to accept and love themselves. To not allow others to make them feel differently, because this world can be cruel. Loving yourself is key to loving others. I hope my daughter will be proud to call me her Mom no matter how I look.

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