Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Awaiting Box Subscriptions...

I now understand why so many ladies admit to an addiction to these boxes...I am eager for my deliveries. Once I get my boxes I will try to restrain myself enough to take pics before I tear them apart :/ I have had a few packages since I first signed on to the box subs craze, and I loved getting them. Here's a list of my current subs that I will be reviewing this month(once they get here!)

  • BirchBox

  • Ipsy

  • Love With Food

  • Graze

  • Nature Box

  • Conscious Box

  • Loot Crate

  • Green Kid Crafts

Once I receive them I will post reviews. I will prob switch up my subscriptions from time to time in order to try out new and interesting subs. I am always open and eager to try new things. See Ya!

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